5 Tips For Homeowners

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    If you smell gas, call the Gas Emergency Services emergency line immediately. Their number is: 0800 111 999.

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    Getting Your Boiler Serviced Yearly

    Unfortunately, no boiler lasts forever. So the answer is yes. Some boilers require you to have services so that you don’t void your warranty. Servicing exists to save you money.

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    The Boilers We Fix

    You can be sure that we will have dealt with a boiler like yours if it is in your home. However, we do stay away from: oil boilers, electric boilers and solid fuel boilers.

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    Heating Your home

    Setting your heat high won’t make your home warm quicker! There’s no need to set your heat higher than 60 degrees centigrade. If your heat is set any higher, your boiler will combine the hot water with cold water and bring down the temperature.

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    It matters to know

    Something as important as your heating system needs to be looked after. If you think your boiler has an issue or if you think you’re due a service, you’re more than welcome to just call and ask for some friendly advice.

Here are some FAQ's

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  • How long does it all take?
    We try to get any boiler installations, repairs and services done in one visit but sometimes your boiler needs more work than that. We always let you know how long the process is taking as we go and don’t want to disrupt your day to day life.
  • Can I speak to someone over the phone?
    Of course. We’re here to discuss options and speak whenever you are. 07931092548
  • What happens if your engineer can’t fix the problem?
    That’s okay. We have a large team of plumbers on board to get any situation resolved. We’ve also built up a network of trusted plumbers who we work with in the rare scenario we need assistance.
  • Can I save money right now?
    Sure! Lower your average heating by 1 degree and you could upwards of £60 for the year.

Need personal assistance? Call for free friendly advice.